Load management

Black-out due to exceeding of consumption? Never again.

Don't be afraid to exceed the consumption limit! We got the solution.
Use multiple households appliances at the same time.
With the ezon.io load management solution you will say "Bye" to consumption limit exceedings that could lead to forced black-outs.

Thank to our tech, you can decide the priorities of each appliance.

When the (configurable) warning threshold is met, ezon.io will detach (and rearm) of every single appliance, without any black-out.

With ezon.io you can ..
  • Turn on multiple appliances at the same time.
  • Manage the priorities of detach / rearm of your household appliances.
  • Check the consumptions of a specific appliance, on a specific situation.
  • Calculate your expenses.
With an ezon.io module and our APP, you will be ready to start.
Managing your appliances will never be an issue again. You will just need 1 ezon.io Energy Manager, for each appliance you want to control.
With the same ezon.io Energy Manager, you can also, at the same time use the consumption control functionality.
ezon.io APP
A single APP for all your home
illunaluce x ezon.io
Our powerful APP, available for iOS and Android, give you the ability to manage, configure and program all you ezon.io modules.

Manage all your households appliances within a single app.
I want to buy the ezon.io modules directly online
I already have my trusted professional
ezon.io is easy to install
I want a certified electrician to install it
which will issue the declaration of conformity
Rely on a professional
Our products for managing electrical loads
illunaluce x ezon.io
Energy manager
Keep track of your consumption and avoid disconnections from the grid.
€ 43.00
ezon.io Energy manager implements distinct features but it's always easy to use like all the others ezon.io modules.

Once installed, starts to broadcast to all the ezon.io modules installed in your home, the instantaneous absorption data, and consumption statistics.
You could use it, combined with others ezon.io energy manager to automatically shut down electrical sockets based on the configured priority, thanks to the integrated relays.

Like all the ezon.io modules, is completely configurable and programmable.
illunaluce x ezon.io
Power supply
The ultra-compact power supply for all the ezon.io modules.
€ 13.00
Ezon.io Power Supply is a ultra-compact power supply with a 3W output, needed to operate the non-battery-powered ezon.io modules.
illunaluce x ezon.io
Light hub
Our cloud. Your home.
Improves the user experience of illunaluce x ezon.io lamps.
€ 99.00
ezon.io Light Hub is a multifunctional device that combines an ambient design RGB LED lamp and cloud-based features such as “ezon.io Worldwide”, and voice assistant integration for providers like Amazon Alexa.

You can, as an example, dim the Illunaluce x ezon.io lamps via your preferred voice assistant.
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